Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara  - There's a new 'contemporary' one out.

Update: Watch it elsewhere. It does not even deserve any link-love [yeah yeah the whole world reads this blog :)]

Here's what's wrong with it.

It suffers from a meaningless overdose of movie personalities and then as an after thought near the climax, the olympic medalists are included. I suppose it tries to cater to the current who's who and doesn't want to offend any of them and in the process, they have ended up insulting and offending millions of viewers, who have actually felt something good about it always

If they did want to cater to all the who's who, what about the innumerable people who've been left out?

I simply don't feel that surge of pride that I feel almost without fail when I see the older one, especially near the grand climax when the whole thing builds up to a wonderful crescendo. The new one is just too long and a crescendo like effect does happen somewhere near the beginning when Shankar Mahadevan & Co are seen. Totally incongruous

The old one portrayed beautifully the struggles of a boatman, a washer man, the common man as R K Laxman would put it. The expressions on each of the personalities were so lovely depicted. Just have a look at Kamalahaasan, who appears for mere seconds if you don't believe me. The new one makes us simply see reality through the rose colored glasses of glossy bollywood and I must admit the view is crappy with all the over the top gestures and acting.

Am no musician, but why the heck do they tamper so much with bloody tunes that you don't even feel good when hearing it?

There were parts of the old one, where you almost felt like family, when you really bonded with the persona and places who represented a bit of you in big diverse India. This was the crux of the whole song and the meaning behind the words 'mile sur mera tumhara', and the new one? don't even ask. It's as if all the celebrities are lining up and trying to persuade me (very badly at that) that am still a part of it all! Whoa!

The old one was short, in-tune, in-sync with the times. No one had too much of footage. Even elephants had enough footage. The less said about the new one, the better. It might be in-tune with the times. There is Salman and he's shirtless, but someone please explain to me what that has to do with national integration!

I could go on. Classics are by definition very hard to live upto and it's almost universally accepted that sequels are doomed to fail, and that way this didn't fail (pun!) our expectations.

Here's the one and only 'mile sur mera tumhara' and the 'phir mile sur mera tumhara' (am playing it again)


  1. Hmm I totally agree with you ... It is not even comparable to the old one.....

  2. He he, it was as if you wrote down all my feelings about this video, in fact while N was seeing it, I told (before reading your blog) how can they show salman like that in a video like this, and a homosexual who has done nothing for the nation, and a singer who is trying to look like a rock star and failing miserably and singing the song in a fashion which can only be described as a f up.

  3. @Navya & @Anuk

    I have been really mild. You should watch the comments on Youtube to see the fury and agony of the viewers