Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to take over the blogosphere

I've not been blogging for some time...

Of course, there's not much of an audience for this blog anyway. So there's none really buzzing(s-cusey the pun) to say they missed reading what I write. So while I contemplated on how to increase the viewership, I embarked on a secret project (codenamed: blogslog) and for the very first time in the history of mankind and womankind, am publishing the results 'royalty free'

Under no circumstances will I be held responsible should anything happen to you if you use the results of my cutting edge 'original' research. Of course no warranty or post production support is provided.

Title: How to take over the blogosphere


The good blogs engage in a form of mutual back scratching with other bloggers and well that sort of grows faster than

a) How a bunch of baddies join hands in movies to take on the Hero
b) Bamboos!
c) watching your frustration grow at seeing an advt that you saw just minutes ago!
d) Rajnikanth being able to light a fire with his gaze

My friend. My friend. My friend.
A this is B, B this is A. What me? Am the AB!
His friend. Her friend. You know that friend? His friends. His friend's friends. Her friends. Her friend's friends. Friends of friends. Their friends. you get the idea? While you ponder over the idea, scusey back scratching time... scratch scratch scratch. OK. Where were we? Are we big enough? Seems like it. What he's bigger than me? Scusey scratch scratch scratch. There?

'Am I big now?'
'No He's still ahead by a mile. Damn!'

Tring Tring.

'Am sick at home.'(interpret as I need time to do some scratching)
'OK take care'
scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch.
'Did you have your tablets?'
'Yes I did. Call later. am feeling tired' (with all the scratching ...)
scratch scratch scratch scratch.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the biggest of them all now?
'You of course! esp after you took a sick day and went one up on the competition. You win the best scraper, err. scratcher, err. celebrity award for the year!'

Note: The above process is a ISO 9000S certified process (The S stands for 'Social') and can be witnessed on good blogging sites, micro blogging sites a.k.a twitter

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