Saturday, July 25, 2009

A talk with the talk show host - III

Reporter: Welcome! Today We are interviewing a young TV host, who seems to have created waves with his first two sensational talk shows. Both the shows garnered a very high TRP rating, that it has broken all the past records. Welcome to the show, Huck!
Huck: So the interviewer is being interviewed now? eh?
Reporter: You sure are! So tell me how big is the queue of advertisers knocking at your door now?
Huck: Ha Ha. That's one of the ironies of life. For the first show we had only one advertiser, a soapy guy and for the second show, the first one backed out and we found another, a chewy guy and till this date, we have only that one! So we've had to make do with ingenious ways to keep ourselves afloat. Want a chewing gum? (offering the brand)
Reporter: Heh. No Thanks!, but that's rather strange. It's stranger than what would be, if someone were to tell me that our building is now being invaded by aliens!
Huck: Heh! No it isn't. You see, our show is immensely popular, but advertisers are wary of who they want to be associated with. Almost all of them don't want to be associated with a show which over-uses the 'f' word
Reporter: So why don't you cut down on that? You do, If I may say so over-use the 'f' word to an enormous degree!
Huck: Heh Heh I know! :)
Reporter: Are you going to cut down on it then?
Huck: Not if I can help it! There's a reason to the madness. You see, our shows are about freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech. We do not wish to be constrained by rules like 'don't use the f word'. yeah? Of course a majority of people lead very disciplined lives and they would find it sorta disgusting, but WTF! Actually you should try it yourself. Try saying it a few times, and you will feel being liberated. Go on! Try it!

10 seconds of silence

Huck: F*** you! come on man!
Reporter: Helpppppppppppp!
Huck: (Being dragged away) F*** you! F*** this interview! F*** it!
Reporter: (Wiping the sweat on his forehead) That concludes our interview ladies and gentlemen. That was one F****** experience! Eh? There I said it!

P.S. This blog is a response to a friend who complained about the very thing this interview focuses on :)

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