Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Everyone tells me that I should have goals. There's apparently no point to life without goals.
So I hear.

It's a big circus with words like ambition, role models, goals thrown in at a regular uniform pace.

I used to have some heavy (read long term) goals and the only thing they helped me achieve was more stress. So I've decided to do away with all of them.

Wanting to become a writer - Out of the window
Wanting to become a music teacher - Out
Wanting to build the next big SaaS - Out
Wanting to become a cartoonist - Out
Wanting to compete in bowling professionally - Out
Wanting to become a blender animator and make a 30 min animation movie - Out
Wanting to become a language designer and design the next programming language - Out
Wanting to become a Lisp guru - Out

There's no pressure to do any of those any more or any other wacky things that might occur in the abysses of the mind in the future.

In their place, I've decided to just have much more simpler achievable things (say things that take a week or even lesser. A day would probably be ideal) That would be much more tangible and the beauty of it is after that's done, there's no pressure to even continue cause the focus is on some other smaller thing, which could be totally unrelated. While doing these little things well enough, eventually the sum of the parts might just add up to a whole or it might not or it just might.

It doesn't matter.