Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awareness - II

Ramana Maharshi had this to say about thoughts. Ask "To whom did this thought arise?" The answer being always "me", ask yourself again, "who am I?" and that eventually the question will dissolve leaving you with just the answer.

Dissolve into the answer? What did dissolve mean? Pondering over that, I wrote the below hypothetical account of how a question might dissolve into a answer.

Knowledge hinders the path to awareness by introducing beliefs, thoughts and ideas. 

Why learn at all? 

To have a job?

Which is that profession that doesn't harm others in some way or the other? None? Why work at all?

To earn more money?

Money buys happiness? By the kilo? No? So why slog and earn at all?

To eat? To have a roof over one's head?

Why not be content with what one has then? Why be greedy?

To provide for one's kin?

Which person have you got close to and not had misunderstandings? None? So why get close at all?

To love? Do we know what love is? Heady feeling? Intoxicating? Ocean of blah blah? No clue? So why love at all?

cause we think? About what? Love? Love is a thought? That ain't it?

cause it's instinct? Love is a instinct? Oh Feeling? What feeling? of being miserable at separation? Misery is love? That ain't it?

What is it then? It just is? is? is.

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