Friday, December 16, 2011

The purpose of life

Is there any meaning behind it all?
To our existence?
To our dreams?
To our saving of resources for a better future that might come or might not?
What's the point behind it all?

Years ago I used to ask everyone I encountered about this. (I guess I've been a nutcase for quite some time). I got answers that convinced me that no one had a God damn clue.
There were some that said the purpose of life was reproduction. Yeah right mindless reproduction without a thought to how much of us our planet can sustain
Some said the purpose of life was to be happy, though most didn't have a clue as to what made them happy. Shopping makes some people happy. Looking good makes some people happy. Some wanted to be admired by others, respected by others to be happy. I could be immensely happy with just one wafer of chocolate jokes, but then that might not work for all.
Some were the cryptic ones who couldn't answer the question directly so they came up with their own ingenious way of saying they don't know. 'The purpose of life is to figure out that, the purpose' - Yeah right, might as well just admit you don't have a clue.

I watched the 2012 movie again. I've seen it earlier, but I guess it's had more of an impact on me this time as we are on the threshold of 2012. If the various interpretations that are floating around about why the Mayan calendar doesn't have a date beyond Dec 21 2012 are to be believed, then there will be a significant impact and change to the world as we know today. There could be physical changes (Earthquakes, faults, Tsunamis). There could be chaos, anarchy, mass-looting. As one friend says, the change will be of spiritual significance. There are also the non believers who think life's going to be as usual - 'same shit, different day'. As in the 2012 movie who knows, we might be really building space ships to get somewhere else - a selected few of us trying to prolong what we call today the human race.

So is there a purpose to life at all? Something that we need to complete before 2012 overtakes us? Frankly I don't know and having seen what I have already am not really too keen to get on to that spaceship either. I would rather be like those amazing musicians in the Titanic movie who continued to just do what they did best even when it didn't seem to matter anymore...

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