Friday, March 20, 2009

"Tell that one thing you absolutely, ... absolutely hate in your better half. If I were to say something, then it would be, I don't like it when you drive so fast!'

He didn't mind the question. He couldn't relate to it. He drove on detached. His mind was working out, one elusive problem that had tormented him, since yesterday. He was close to an answer. He could feel the opening of the solution sluices, and anticipated the happy deluge that would follow with elan. He was smiling. The random tropical letters and numbers, which had pledged to live together under the joint family auspices of the white house had just disappeared. He was getting too close. A quick glance sideways, and he could see the paradise that was on offer. The turn indicator came on, and he zoomed past the slow-coach. He growled at her, for having caused so much of distraction. She looked perplexed.

"I hate it, when you growl!".

He could feel his blood pressure rising. He suppressed the rising fury, and began to hum a song. He always seemed to either hum something, which he had instinctively heard a split second before, or the one song that always seemed to come to him, whatever weather it might be. This song was special, the movie not so.
There were two variations of this song, an exhilarating version that resonated inside and excited his heart, and an equally depressing version that always brought tears to him, mid-way through the humming. He forced himself to excite his heart, just as he was on the verge of breakdown. It was easy, for the rhythms were similar. He couldn't contain it, and had to be content alternating it in between.

"Boy! I just hate your singing!"

Years back, some one he had liked, had left him stranded. He had had mixed feelings about it, and thought it akin to the protagonist's feelings in the depressing variation of the song. He couldn't relate to it. Years after, he had fallen in love, for real this time. He could relate to it, only too well. It had brought him tears. It also ended with a smile, for he had dared to want to experience it. He dared to dream again, to imagine again. The same rhythm, but the one that would excite his heart and keep him there. He knew it was a experience worth waiting for, even if it sapped him of the other half that was left of his life. He waited patiently. No desperation. No hurry.

"I hate it, when you're lost in your own world"

Alright! If you have read till this point, here's a small trivia. Who is asking the first question in the above narration?

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