Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Existential Crisis

I am going through an existential crisis. I know it. Not that am able to do much about it, though. Today when I walked out, the weather was dreamy. I thought it would be rather pleasant to look upwards and not have to bear the brunt of the Sun. The sky was gray and like seeing through a 3-D stereo-gram, when I tried to look beyond it, I thought of the Rover on Mars. When you are able to visualize things from a perspective so high, it draws the fact of one's own miniscule nature so lucidly that there's just no escaping it. What the heck was I doing here on Earth anyway?

So it was in this mood, I asked a friend what the purpose of life was yet again. This friend has always had an air of a philosophy about him and he gave me a response that I really liked to hear.

"The purpose of life is to lead a life where you don't have to ask such a question."

For some reason that really resonated with me. There was one tiny problem with it though - I have no clue what such a life would consist of. I have tried immersing myself in activities am passionate about, opening myself to experiences I wouldn't have dreamt about, questioning beliefs I hold strongly in my heart and yet invariably after some time, I wind up at the same point again and forced to confront the forbidden question again and again.

So I turned to this friend again and asked him and his response was that I was a very inquisitive analytical person and that I would figure it out eventually. As if I wasn't weighed down enough by the question, I now have to bear the burden of expectations too.

Where does one start?

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