Friday, July 20, 2012

Observations & solutions

In India, people like to advertise their kid's names at the back of their cars for whatever joy. I guess someone started the trend with his one kid. It caught on. Soon we had people advertising that they had two kids and then of course the names of all 4 kids on the 4 available corners of the poor rear windscreen. Population control can go to hell. It's quite the rage now.
My response to them all is to hold on until the day I put up my entire family tree tracing back 10 generations on the window of my car! Ha beat that!

If there's a queue people will jump it. Queues at office canteens, the bank ATM, for restrooms. What's more they give such preposterous reactions and responses when you confront them.
I really wish something called Karma existed, cause I don't see much evidence of it. Day after day I see people jumping queues in front of me and fighting with them every day takes such a toll on oneself
Here's how I wish God had created people or if he didn't the way the human body should have worked. When people do something like this, there's a small decrement to their overall Karma factor and that's displayed on their forehead. Just a positive or a negative sign followed by a number. I think just being able to see someone commit a act like jumping a queue and it instantly being recorded so visibly is reward enough for me to not confront the jumper. 

And for the offender, nothing like waking up on a bright sunny day and seeing in the mirror that your karma is at (minus) -34334934934394394934934934939434.34934393434 :) The mirror will probably need to be spooked so that it doesn't read backwards, but let's save that issue for another day.
Imagine the number of things that would become easier for everyone if our bodies worked like that. Instead most of us are so content with virtual karma on silly social networking sites. The whole concept of Karma needs to be driven by one's moral fiber, by our own conscience and if that says it's ok to jump a queue when others are waiting, there's something really really wrong with us.

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